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6-day horseback or 8-day trekking adventure around Padysha-Ata reserve   

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Ala-Buka mountains 

Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure in the great outdoors? Look no further than our trekking tour that takes you through breathtaking mountain landscapes, serene lakes, and lush reserves.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you hike through rugged terrain and experience the thrill of horseback riding through untouched wilderness. Encounter a variety of wildlife, from majestic animals to nomadic herds, and learn about the 

fascinating lives of shepherds who roam these lands. 

  Our tour offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and experience the nomadic way of life firsthand. Discover the rich culture and traditions of the nomads as you interact with them and gain insight into their ancient practices.

  Whether you're an experienced hiker or a first-time adventurer, our trekking tour promises an unforgettable journey filled with stunning scenery, exciting wildlife encounters, and cultural immersion. Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your adventure today!


Category: trekking horseback riding

Duration: 8 days trekking

Level of difficulty: Medium (2 passes above 3 600m)

Best season: end of June to September 

Requirements: trekking boots, weatherproof warm clothes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, torch, tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad

Itinerary:  (Osh)-Ala-Buka national park-Jarakat-Tash-Chanach-valley-Min-Jylky pass (3710 m)-Ken-Tor Jailoo-Muz-Tor pass (3623 m)-Muz-Tor Jailoo- Radial hike to Glacial Lakes- At-Tor Jailoo – Char-Tal Valley- Torpu Pass – Padysh-Ata Nature Reserve-Kashka-Suu village  (Bishkek, Osh)

Day 1: Osh – Ala-Buka. Departure from Osh to Jalal-Abad region, to the forest of Ala-Buka (approximately 550km, 7-8 hours drive). We will pass through the Too-Ashuu Pass (3180 m above sea level), the Suusamyr valley, and the Ala-Bel Pass (3175 m above sea level). We will stop for lunch in the Chychkan Gorge, where we will taste delicious fried trout. Then we will continue our journey to our destination for the night. We will also pass the Toktogul Reservoir, one of the largest reservoirs in Kyrgyzstan. Upon arrival at the tent camp, we will have a hot dinner and prepare our tents for an overnight stay, situated at approximately 1400m elevation.

Day 2: Ala-Buka – Jarakat-Tash

After breakfast, you will receive brief instructions on horseback riding or trekking, after which we will start a hiking trek from the Ala-Buka Forest to the Padysh-Ata National Reserve. The destination of the day is Chanach Valley under the Min-Jylky Pass. On the way, we will pass caves where local shepherds live when they graze livestock in the pasture. We will also pass along the Chatkal River. Along the way, we will see many grazing animals such as horses, cows, and sheep. We will spend the night at Chanach Jailoo near Jarakat-Tash. Upon arrival at the tent camp, a hot dinner will already be waiting for us.

Elevation: 3100m – 3710m

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Day 3:  Jarakat-Tash – Min Jylky Pass – Ken Tor Jailoo

After a hearty breakfast, we will cross the Min Jylky Pass, which is 3710m above sea level. The ascent to the pass will be steep, and there may be snow on the top of the pass. In some places, we will climb sand and gravel. Climbing the pass, we will have a little rest, and we will also admire the landscapes of Chanach Jailoo on the one side and Ken-Tor Jailoo on the other side from an altitude of 3710m above sea level. After we rest, we descend to Ken-Tor Jailoo. When we arrive at the tent camp in the Ken Tor Valley, dinner will already be prepared and the tents will be set up. Dinner and overnight in the tent camp.

Elevation: 3100m – 3710m


Day 4-5: Ken Tor Jailoo – Muz-Tor Jailoo

After breakfast, the Muz-Tor Pass awaits us, at a height of 3620m above sea level. The ascent to this pass is not steep, and will be surrounded by the Ken-Tor valley. As we climb the pass, a beautiful and mesmerizing panorama of two valleys will open up before our eyes: Ken-Tor and Muz-Tor. When descending from the pass, small deposits of snow will pass, which do not melt, even in the summer. When we arrive at Muz-Tor Jailoo, dinner and a campground will already be waiting for us.

Distance Traveled: 17 km

Elevation Differences: 3623m – 3000m

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Day 6: Free Rest Day at Muz-Tor OR hike to Glacial Lakes

After a late breakfast, we will start a radial hike to the Muz-Tor glacier. Next to this glacier, we will see small glacial lakes. We will have lunch with us, and eat by the lake. Dinner and overnight stay will be waiting for us in the tent camp.

Distance of hike: 17km, approximately 6-7 hours


Day 7-8: Muz-Tor Jailoo – At-Tor Jailoo – Char-Tal Valley

After a hearty breakfast, we will continue our way towards the Padysh-Ata Nature Reserve to the Char-Tal Valley. Today the landscapes will be completely different. Leaving the Muz-Tor Valley, we will go through rocks and large boulders of stones. After lunch at Jailoo, we will go down the stream that starts at the waterfall. The descent down the stream will be small but rather steep. After this descent, a panorama of the Padysh-Ata reserve and elm forests will open up in front of us. We will go in the opposite direction from the Kashka-Suu River. We will very often come across bushes of wild raspberries. Dinner and overnight stay will also be in a tent camp in the Char-Tal Valley, where a lot of raspberries grow.

Distance Travelled: 16 km

Elevation Differences: 3000 m – 2900m – 2270m

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Day 9: Char-Tal Valley – Torpu Pass – Padysh-Ata Nature Reserve

The last day of the tour is the easiest!

After breakfast, we will cross the low Torpu Pass, at a height of 2000m, and go down to the beginning of the Padysh-Ata Nature Reserve. We will also pass many wooden bridges that run over the Kashka-Suu River. We will meet about 5-6 wooden bridges of different states. Closer to lunchtime we will come to Nature Reserve Park, where we will visit the Padysh-Ata Mausoleum, and have lunch. Then we will be met by a car that will take us to the village of Arkyt or Padysh-Ata. We will return to the guesthouse for dinner and an overnight stay.

Tourists may discuss options for the tour ending location and transport back to Osh or Bishkek.

Distance Travelled: 15 km, approximately 4-5 hours

Elevation Differences: 2270m – 2000m – 1400m

Padysha-Ata reserve

Day 10:Breakfast. Transfer to Bishkek or Osh.

Attention: The above description is given for an 8-day trekking tour! 

Tour map

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