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Horse Riding Tours in Sary-Chelek Region

Over the Talas Range Towards Lake Sary-Chelek

Sary-Chelek Pearl Of Kyrgyzstan

Visit North Of Sary-Chelek & Local Shaperts

Two Days Riding in Sary-Chelek National Park
Day Tour Around  Sary-Chelek
It's Batter Once to See Then listen Many Times 

By the Lake of Sary-Chelek 

The Long Way to Sary-Chelek – Excursion into the Chatkal Range

From Toktogul Towards Sary-Chelek Lake


3 days 

Sary-Chelek pearl of Kyrgyzstan

Three days horse back riding in Sary-Chelek reserve  visit Kara-Kamysh lake Kara-Suu waterfall, six lakes in reserve and crossing the Kotormo pass altitude is 2450m.  

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Horse riding tour around Sary-Chelek and Kara-Suu lakes

6 days 

Horse riding over the Talas range towards lake Sary-Chelek 

Best tour season 10 July -September.

Long distant,

high altitude(3600m),

More panoramic views, best horse riding trails

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Kara-Kulja valley.JPG

5 - 7 days

From Toktogul to the Sary-Chelek reserve 

Unforgettable Mountains and lakes, overnight in a tent. On this tour you will find the answer to how Kyrgyz people live on the mountains in summer?

Horse riding like a local 

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5 - 6 days

Ride into the Wild: The Sary-Chelek Story

We specialize in horseback  tours that take you to some of the most breathtaking places on earth. We are sure you see everyday diferent landscape, flora and fauna

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6 days

Horse riding tour from Ala-Buka to Padysha-Ata natural reserve 

Discover the hidden gems of the Ala-Buka valley and Padysha-Ata reserve in a unique way with Sary-Chelek Travel. Join us on a 6-day horse riding tour where you'll witness breath-taking landscapes

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4 days

Visit north of Sary-Chelek lake and local shepherd

Season end of June - September

Sary- Chelek reserve, Kara-Kamysh lake, Kara-Suu waterfall, be close to the Muz-Tor mountain 

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Sary-Chelek trekking, Sary-Chelek lake north

 6 - 9 days

The long way to Sary-Chelek excursion in to the Chatkal range 

Our tours are designed to show you the undiscovered side of our world, where the crowds are scarce, and the animals are plentiful. 

Best season 20 of June - September

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6 - 7 days

It is better once to see then listen many times 

Sary-Chelek Travel provides exciting horse riding tours through one of Kyrgyzstan’s most beautiful locations—the Sary-Chelek reserve. Our horses are well-trained, our guides are experienced

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Sary-Chelek travel, trekking tours at the sary-chelek
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