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Experience Trekking like Never Before, Discover Untamed Beauty with Sary-Chelek Travel

Looking for the ultimate trekking tour? Our trekking tour provides a truly unique and immersive experience in natural life. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes, discover hidden jewels of flora and fauna, and explore off-the-beaten-path, awe-inspiring places with our experienced guides. As you take in the beauty of green lands, the nomadic lifestyle, and the fresh air, you'll also learn about the region's culture and history. With a variety of awesome places to explore, you'll witness extraordinary natural wonders like blue crystal lakes, high mountain peaks, and more. Book your adventure today and experience the flourishing natural life for yourself!


3 days 

Three days trekking in Sary-Chelek reserve  visit Kara-Kamysh lake Kara-Suu waterfall, six lakes in reserve and crossing the Kotormo pass altitude is 2450m.  

Sary-Chelek trekking tours

8 days 

This tour season 10 July - 15 September.

Long distant,

high altitude(3600m),

More panoramic views 

Happy tourist

6 - 7 days

Unforgettable Mountains and lakes, overnight in a tent. On this tour you will find the answer to how Kyrgyz people live on the mountains in summer?

alone house on the mountain

6 - 7 days

We specialize in trekking tours that take you to some of the most breathtaking places on earth.

Sary-Chelet trekking tours

8 days

Discover the hidden gems of the Ala-Buka valley and Padysha-Ata reserve in a unique way with Sary-Chelek Travel. Join us on a 10-day trekking tour where you'll witness breath-taking landscapes

Ala-Buka and Padysha-Ata park

4 - 5 days

Season end of June - September

Sary- Chelek reserve, Kara-Kamysh lake, Kara-Suu waterfall, be close to the Muz-Tor mountain 

Sary-Chelek trekking, Sary-Chelek lake north

10- 12 days

Our tours are designed to show you the undiscovered side of our world, where the crowds are scarce, and the animals are plentiful. 

Best season 20 of June - September

Sunrise camping

5  days

Our tours take you to some of the most beautiful locations in the country, from snow-capped mountains to sparkling lakes. Come discover the incredible flora and fauna of this amazing region today!

Sary-Chelek travel, trekking tours at the sary-chelek
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